All of our training classes can be taught on site at your facility if needed. We can customize most of the classes to accommodate special requirements that you may have. Obviously for the IPC certified classes we must follow IPC guidelines, but at the same time with our vast experience with IPC and knowledge of the real world of soldering we are usually able to adapt these classes to meet your specific needs. CTI will customize courses for specific needs as requested. In addition, we also offer consulting services in all areas of the electronic assembly, repair, rework, and modification process.

We offer the following classes at our training centers in NC, MD, FL and Costa Rica or on site at your facility:

IPC Certifications:
IPC-600 Certified IPC Specialist
IPC-600 Certified IPC Trainer
IPC-610 Certified IPC Specialist
IPC-610 Certified IPC Trainer
IPC/WHMA-620 Certified IPC Specialist (optional hands-on module)
IPC/WHMA-620 Certified IPC Trainer (optional hands-on module)
IPC JSTD-001 Certified IPC Specialist
IPC JSTD-001 Certified IPC Trainer
IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Specialist
IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Trainer

CTI / WELLER Certifications:
Weller SMT/TH Soldering and Rework Specialist
Board Level Repair
SMT Boot Camp
1-5 Day Soldering Workshop (lead free)

We also offer online training to groups of 4 or more. The online training is a 3-hour review of some of the most important solder topics.