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NCAB Group is a leading global producer of printed circuit boards, PCBs. Our mission is to produce PCBs in the most sustainable way for demanding customers on time with zero defects and at the lowest total cost.

We call our production method integrated PCB production, which in practice means that we take full responsibility for the entire PCB delivery process and work closely with both our customers and our factories. We do not own our factories, but we “own” what is most important: the relationship and process with both customer and factory. We create optimum production conditions through our strong purchasing power and expertise in PCB production.

The NCAB Group is a truly global organization, with offices all over Europe, US and China. Our headquarters are located in Sweden. Visit to find your nearest office.
Our vision is to be the number 1 PCB producer wherever we are, and we work according to our company values: Quality first, Strong relationships, Full responsibility.

We know that the PCB, normally at the heart of all electronic equipment, can be a complex product. Equally, we believe that the best PCB solutions can only be developed through dialogue with our customers, actively seeking cooperation and offering our technical knowledge, expertise and input within the design phase of the product.