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EEI brings 24 years of experience in full service engineering with a focus on agile, affordable, and efficient design, development and manufacturing of hardware that meets the demanding environmental standards and flight qualification requirements of our Nation’s Warfighters. We specialize in:
• Design services spanning “Build to Spec” to “Build to Print”;
• Procurement and ruggedization of COTS technology for military applications;
• Procurement, integration, and delivery of flight qualified hardware;
• Integration and qualification of advanced Special Test Equipment (STE);
• Manufacture of complex electronic circuit card assemblies and other electronic components and subsystems.

EEI’s customers include Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security, all of which require high reliability, physical and operational robustness, and life critical / flight critical Quality Standards. These programs demand a culture of process excellence at EEI, embodied in our commitment to AS9100C Compliant quality processes, Design for Excellence (DFX), Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and Design for Test (DFT).

Our state of the art facilities and equipment have the ability to take designs to full production - All assemblies are built to IPC-610 Class 3 in a scalable production environment.

Training Services –Students can earn nationally recognized certifications in IPC Standards and Technical training. Employers are offered the option for customized instructional materials in a variety of formats and flexible training locations.
? Some of the courses we currently offer in our State of the Art Licensed IPC Training Facility;
o CIT (Trainer) & CIS (Operator) Certification & Recertification;
? J- STD-001 ? IPC-A-610
? IPC/WHMA-A-620 ? IPC-7711/7721B
o Technical Skills Training

Consulting Services - Achieve production standards with optimum performance and efficiency on your manufacturing floor. EEI’s industry experienced manufacturing consultants guarantee performance while minimizing risk. If you’re not producing product efficiently, on-time or with consistent quality, you likely have one or several critical problems with your process. To assure success, technical assistance, acceptability standards and workflow procedures are all part of our comprehensive process audit.
Expert Consulting:
•Clean and No-clean Evaluations
•Equipment Evaluation and Recommendation
•ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Analysis)
•Expert Witness
•In-house Seminars
•Manufacturing Packaging
•Manufacturing Start-up
•Outsourcing Contract Assembly
•Process Audits
•Product Inspection to Industry Standards
•Product Rejection and Dispute Arbitration
•Selection of Solder and Flux
•Specification Interpretation

Engineering Services
o Product Development / Design To Spec - Our engineers can assist your product designers at any phase of the product development cycle
o Design For Excellence – DFX / DFM / DFT
o PCB Layout
o Rapid Prototyping
o BOM Management Services – Mitigate Obsolescence - Electronic Component Obsolescence management tools
Searches 185 Million semiconductors, passives & electromechanical parts for cross references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, environmental compliance & inventory data.
Manufacturing Services
o Circuit Card Assembly
Rigid & rigid-flexible PCBs
Low – Medium volume Surface Mount Technology, Through-hole & Mixed Technology production
Ball Grid Array Experts
• Internal BGA rework capability
X-Ray technology for inspection of Ball Grid Array and all hidden solder joints
Placement system capable of placing devices of package size from 0201 to 2 inches square with a lead pitch down to 0.3mm, and ball pitch down to 0.7mm
Operators certified to;
o J- STD-001 o IPC-A-610
o IPC/WHMA-A-620 o IPC-7711/7721
o Conformal Coat Capabilities
o Acrylic, Parylene, Polyurethane & Silicone (type AR, XY, UR, and SR)
o Test
o Fixtureless Flying Probe / Boundary Scan Functional
o Environmental Stress Screening Automated Optical Inspection
o RF Test Cable continuity/ Hi-pot / pull testing
o Build to Spec - Offering turnkey, fully tested, and ready-to-install precision mechanical and electromechanical assemblies built to customer specifications while addressing, producibility, reliability, and process enhancement requirements.
• Electromechanical & Mechanical Assembly
• Box Build & System Integration
• Cable Assembly
EEI is a certified woman-owned small disadvantaged business – WOSDB & EDWOSB