2246 Palmer Drive, Unit 108
Schaumburg, IL 60173
United States of America


Purex Incorporated, located in Schaumburg, IL is a provider of fume extraction equipment for multiple industries including electronics, laser processing and medical. Purex has been manufacturing fume extraction equipment for over 30 years and well recognized as industry leaders and experts in the field of fume extraction. Our Schaumburg facility contains a 12,000-square foot warehouse holding a deep inventory of all the equipment, filters and spare parts necessary for most applications offering ongoing support of current and future customers. This large inventory selection allows us to virtually eliminate lead times which in turn prevent down time and delays in processing or production. Purex is dedicated to making processes and working environments safer by providing industry leading air filtration.

Providing a full range of fume extraction equipment as an alternative to exhausting harmful to the environment. Solutions for Selective Solder, Wave Solder, Reflow Ovens, Conformal Coating Equipment, Laser Marking, Hand Solder and Rework stations and More!

Call us to discuss fume extraction alternatives if you:
• Have current fume extraction or exhaust requirements
• Are relocating production lines
• Are considering upgrading your facility air handling
• Have a negative pressure scenario in your facility
• Have problems with odor or dust from processes
• Are add equipment or hand solder stations
• Suffer from inadequate air filtration

We look forward to discussing your applications and the solutions we can provide. Also, ask us about the improvements we’ve made to our filters to provide the most robust and reliable solution.

Product Showcase

The future of Fume Extraction

The future of Fume Extraction

Because clean air matters

Part of our success is due to our long history of producing world class, market leading products, while continuing to focus on product development. Design, production and applications technology are all areas in which we excel. We supply a broad range of extractor arms and accessories to ensure our customers attain optimal solutions to their individual needs.

Fumes dissipated by fans or exhausted outside are still harmful and can re-enter the facility through vent doors and windows.

Filtration is the only way to remove harmful fumes.

Unfiltered, exhausted vapors can also affect neighboring business, schools and homes.
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